The Happy Cat:



The Happy Cat is founded by Marie Rademaker. I am a catfriendly and furfriendly catgroomer. I work from my grooming salon in Amsterdam:

- Dierenopvang Amsterdam

Ookmeerweg 271  1067 SP Amsterdam



I own a quality mark : Kattentrimsters-Keurmerk, this means I am a catfriendly and furfriendly catgroomer. 

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Are you looking for a certified cat- and furfriendly groomer in your neigbourhood, check out


I am also a certified rabbitgroomer.


Middenweg 233

1098 AP Amsterdam


Ookmeerweg 271

1067 SP Amsterdam


tel: 06-47450692



BTW-nummer: NL001599353B17 

KvK-nummer: 70005583