The Happy Cat:



The Happy Cat is located in Amsterdam, has a cat and fur-friendly cat grooming salon and grooms cats at home in Amsterdam and surroundings.




Due to the increase of contaminations of the Corona-virus, I have taken some new measures to work as save as possible. We do not shake hands. Cats can be groomed at the salon but no person is allowed in the grooming salon to accompany the cat. During the treatment you can wait in your car or outside on the premises or in the hall, if you keep 1,5 meter distance from staff and visitors. You can also use your laptop, free WiFi is available.  I will schedule enough time between appointments to clean the salon thoroughly.


Grooming at home is possible, if I can groom outside in the garden and by myself. No one in the household shows any signs of the flu, has a fever or a cold. No visitors are allowed to be present. 



Ookmeerweg 271

1067 SP Amsterdam

tel: 06-47450692


KvK-nummer: 70005583