The Happy Cat:




The Happy Cat is located in Amsterdam, has a cat and fur-friendly cat grooming salon, grooms cats at home in Amsterdam and surroundings and gives cat-friendly behavioural advice.




Due to the Corona-virus, I have taken some measures to work as save as possible. We do not shake hands. Cats can be groomed at the salon, your cat can be handed to me outside the salon, after the treatment I will give you a call and return your cat outside the salon. If you prefer to be present during the grooming session, you have to be free of any signs of the flu or fever. If you do not feel well, please cancel the appointment ( free of charge) . I will do the same if I show signs of the flu or cold. Only one person is allowed in the grooming salon and we keep 1,5 m distance. I will schedule enough time between appointments to clean the salon thoroughly.

Grooming at home is possible, under the same circumstances as mentioned above. Please cancel when you show any symptoms of a cold, flu or have a fever. We keep 1,5 m distance and only one person can be present in the room where the cat is groomed. We do not shake hands.






Ookmeerweg 271

1067 SP Amsterdam

tel: 06-47450692


KvK-nummer: 70005583