Cat-grooming rates




Grooming session cat:                                                 € 65,-*

(Combing, untangling, removing

matted fur, shaving, clipping nails when necessary and if the cat allows it, advice how to groom) 



- Removing completely matted/tangled fur    €  30,-

- Extra cleaning if your cat has fleas                   €  15,-

- Cleansing fur with gentle cleansing foam     €    7,50


Sanitary groom:                                                           €  20,-

 (Shaving fur around the anus and hind legs )


Grooming under sedation :                                    €  115,- 

(not available in weekends)


Grooming rabbit:                                                       €  65,-*

(Brushing fur, clipping nails, removing tangled and matted fur, trimming fur)


* When you bring more than one cat or rabbit, € 5,- discount per extra cat/rabbit.


Every treatment includes a free gift for your cat and free advise how to groom your cat!



At the grooming parlor you can pay cash or I can send you a payment request / Tikkie, creditcards, bankcards or installed payments are NOT accepted.



When cancelling an appointment within 24 hours before it was due to take place, or when you don't turn up for an appointment at the salon, I'll charge 100% of the grooming session costs.