Cat-grooming salon

The Happy Cat is a cat and fur-friendly grooming salon for cats.


This means:

  • The grooming salon is only used for cats, never dogs.
  • No dog smells to bother your cat.
  • No other cats will be present during the grooming session.
  • Fur-friendly, non-invasive treatment; only tangled or matted fur is removed or untangled.
  • Cat-friendly; when your cat indicates she's not happy, the treatment is ceased and continued another day in consultation.
  • Grooming under sedation (administered by a vet) is optional.  

An appointment with Cat grooming salon The Happy Cat


You'll bring:

  • A blanket or towel that has been used by your cat. This should contain cat hair!
  • A blanket or towel that is large enough to cover the grooming table.
  • It shouldn't be made from fleece; fleece is static and can cause sparks during grooming, which cats don't enjoy.


What I want to know before grooming your cat:

  • Is your cat on a diet (renal, urinal, diabetic, etc.)?
  • How old is your cat?
  • Does your cat have any medical issues?
  • Has your cat been groomed before and how did it go

Practical information:

  • How much does a grooming session cost?
  • Location:  Ookmeerweg 271, 1067 SP Amsterdam in the green building of the Amsterdam Animal Shelter (DOA)
  • To make an appointment: call, text message, email or send me a message via Whatsapp.
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