Learn how to groom your cat

Does your cat need grooming assistance?

Would you like to do it yourself, but don't know how?

Don't want to keep bringing your cat to the grooming salon?

The private workshop: ‘Learn how to groom your cat’ is just the thing for



In the workshop, you'll be grooming your own cat while I explain the what,

why and how.

If it's necessary to shave off segments of fur, you can practise on a ‘fake fur’ first.

After the workshop, I'll provide you with general grooming information,

digitally or on paper, so you can read everything through when needed.


If your cat's fur is largely matted, it is better to have your cat groomed by a

professional first, and take the workshop a few weeks later when the fur is

only slightly tangled or matted. This way, you can keep your cat’s coat in

good shape from then on.


The private workshop takes place at the grooming salon and costs € 75.

All materials you'll need at home, like a comb, slicker brush,

are included in the costs.


If you want to start grooming professionally, I recommend taking the cat

grooming training course at Cats Class in Gemert or at the HKI in Bunnik .