Grooming cats at home

Due to Covid 19, no housevisits are possible at the moment!


The Happy Cat also grooms cats at home if you are not able to travel due to disability or illness.


The conditions are:

  • Only a full grooming session is possible at home. If  your cat needs a maintenance session or sanitary grooming you can come to the salon, at home a full grooming session will be charged.
  • Since I do not have a car, I travel by public transport. Therefore I will charge a travel allowance of € 6,25 per 15 minutes to and from postal code 1067 SP, according to "
  • The cat must be at home at the agreed time and in a spot where it can easily be reached. If the cat is not in, I will charge the full treatment plus travel expenses.
  • The cat must be manageable as I won't be able to have her sedated by a vet.
  • I'll bring my own grooming tools, and will need some space to set up and sufficient light to work. (1.5 square metres will suffice) 
  • If grooming is impossible because the cat won't allow it, I'll only charge the traveltime allowance and half the rate of a grooming session at home. 
  • Cats sometimes like to have a blanket or towel with their own scent/hairs when being groomed; please have it ready. Favourite treats or toys are also welcome to help the cat relax during the grooming session.
  • I will book 2 hours for a grooming session so I have plenty of time and the cat does not get needlessly stressed. Grooming itself usually doesn't take more than an hour as most cats won't allow it any longer. I am fine with the cat needing a break. 

Practical information:


  • How much does a grooming session cost?
  • To make an appointment: call, text message, email or send me a message via Whatsapp.