Grooming cats at home

The Happy Cat also grooms cats at home in the provinces of North Holland, South Holland and Utrecht.


The conditions are:

  • The cat must be at home at the agreed time and in a spot where she can easily be reached.
  • The cat must be manageable as I won't be able to have her sedated by a vet.
  • I'll bring my own table and grooming tools, and will need some space to set up and sufficient light to work. (1.5 square metres will suffice) 
  • You can choose whether to stay in the room during treatment, but remember to talk softly, move gently and put your mobile on silent.
  • Children can also watch, as long as they remain calm and don't cause the cat extra stress. (This also applies to other pets.)
  • If grooming is impossible because the cat won't allow it, I'll only charge the costs per kilometre and half the rate of a grooming session at home.
  • Cats sometimes like to have a blanket or towel with their own scent/hairs on the grooming table; please have it ready. Favourite treats or toys are also welcome to help the cat relax during the grooming session.
  • I will book no more than 2 hours for a grooming session so I have plenty of time and the cat does not get needlessly stressed. Grooming itself usually doesn't take more than an hour as most cats won't allow it any longer. I am fine with the cat needing a break. 
  • When I can't finish a grooming session because the cat is too stressed, I will cease the treatment and continue at a later time.  The grooming session will be charged, but the follow-up will only cost you travel expenses.

Practical information:


  • How much does a grooming session cost?
  • To make an appointment: call, text message, email or send me a message via Whatsapp.