You'll provide:


● Plenty of food and clean bowls

● Plenty of litter + litter scoop

● Rubbish bags

● Dustpan and brush, broom or vacuum cleaner

● Cat toys

● Cleaning products

● Medication, if applicable

● Travel cage

● Cat passport/vaccination booklet


The Happy Cat provides:


● Food

● Fresh water

● Administering possible medication

● Scooping, cleaning and/or rinsing the litter box(es)

● Playing with the cat/giving the cat attention

● If desired, a daily message


Work method:


Your house is left behind as I found it.

Your keys will not be labelled with your name and/or address, only the name of your cat(s).

In case of illness or other urgent reasons, The Happy Cat is entitled to have a qualified replacement perform the home visit or bring an intern.

Cat-sitting appointments cancelled less than 24 hours in advance will be charged.

You will be sent a digital invoice before the cat-sitting period starts.

The invoice must be paid before the cat-sitting period starts or the cat-sitting will not occur.

In case of a weather alert, code orange or red, in the Amsterdam region, the cat-sitting will be postponed until the code has ended.

In case of illness of your cat(s), we will contact you and visit your vet upon request/if necessary.

You will be charged the costs of the vet, the extra travel expenses and the rate for a vet visit.


What does a cat-sitter at home cost? Go to rates.