Problem behaviour in cats is often the result of their living environment not being aligned to their needs. Cats are predators, even if they are semi-domesticated, love lazying around in the sun and being fussed over. They need scratching and climbing options and the opportunity to express their hunting instinct. Cats living in apartments or those without options to go outside particularly lack sufficient activity, movement and stimuli. Contrarily, they also need rest, privacy, places to hide and their own territory. Moreover, their requirements for their sanitary facilities are - justifiably - high. 

Like people, cats can become frustrated and depressed and express this in various and/or multiple ways; for example, by urinating or spraying indoors or by giving your furniture ‘a makeover’.

Knowing more about the cat as a species will make it easier for you to adapt her living environment. If you have any questions about cat behaviour or welfare, please contact me. It's my goal to make every cat a Happy Cat!

Sometimes I'll be able to answer your questions by phone, but in more severe cases, I can plan a home visit and lay out a therapy plan. 

For more details, see the information listed under cat behavioural consult.